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Postby KCKeitaro » Tue Jul 09, 2013 9:53 pm

Greetings, people of the Haisho! With our beloved place to call home set to shut down within the month, I have been forced to face the fact that I have left a lot of stories unfinished. In fact, I've only ever finished two and one of those was for our fanfic contest back in the day...

Still, I do hate to leave a story untold, so here we have what was going to happen in the stories I began here on the Haisho...

Spoiler tags seemed silly, so I made big, bold headings for you to scroll over if need be...


Not my greatest endeavor, but still...

After meeting the remaining sets of twins and joining the separate parties, the villain, Carlyle, captured the main duo, Kaoruko and Sumireko, and used their blood to open a portal to heaven where he hoped to gain divine power. The twins left the portal open for our hero, Darin, to pursue Carlyle. They bleed to death the instant after Darin enters the portal, shutting it in the face of friendly reinforcements. In heaven, the spirits of the twins help Darin to defeat Carlyle. Plot happens and everyone lives happily ever after, the end...


This did better than Futakoi... Then again, what didn't? Macross Frontier was one of the largest contributors to my faded interest in writing this. I wanted to know what was happening in case my ideas and theirs overlapped (it's happened before, I had an idea for a Fate story and one of my brilliant ideas for a Servant ended up already in Fate/Apocrypha) and never get around to it...

Our intrepid trio, Shinichi, Emi, and Vincent, successfully join Crossbone Squadron shortly before the mysterious signal is caught by the main fleet. The signal turns out to be a distress signal from Misa Hayase Ichijo aboard the lost colony vessel, Megaroad One. Scouts are sent to the triangulated location and discover the vessel floating derelict among destroyed Zentraedi warships. Crossbone Squadron infiltrates the ship itself and finds its not abandoned. They encounter Skull Squadron, now lead by Misa and Hikaru's grown daughter, Miku Ichijo. Megaroad One's escort fleet fold in quickly thereafter, headed by Misa herself.

Cooler heads prevail before a skirmish can begin between the two groups. Misa escorts the Macross 12 fleet to a world where she has set up a colony of her own in hiding from the local Zentrans and Meltrans. Among the colonists are Hikaru Ichijo and his son, Roy Ichijo, Zero's Mao Gnome, and the one-and-only Lynn Minmei herself, with her granddaughter, Lynn Feichun—named after Minmei's aunt from Macross Island.

And then things go downhill... Vincent's affection for Emi crosses over into obsession and he nearly rapes her. Emi stays quiet on the incident, despite Shinichi's pleading. Her silence does not improve Vincent's demeanor and he eventually challenges Shinichi to a duel with Valkyries. Shinichi wins and leaves Vincent for dead in his wrecked fighter. But Vincent is picked up by a Meltrandi patrol and sells out the colony for another shot at Shinichi.

Unfortunately, with Emi sitting on her story, Shinichi's claims of Vincent's behavior are ignored and he is accused of theft of militarty property and murder of a fellow officer. Roy finally convinces Emi to come forward and Shinichi is pardoned... just as a massive Meltrandi arrives in the system. As the fleet moves to evacuate the colonists from the surface, the Zentraedi arrive, too. What follows is intentionally similar to the closing act of Do You Remember Love? Feichun takes her grandmother's place as the singer and Miku takes her father's place in the "trench run."

There was some thought about using the Blade Engine to make an indy visual novel with Emi and the Jenius twins as possible heroines. Feichun could've been the loli heroine and Miku the older woman... But, that would've involved far more work than writing the story...


Once upon a time, this was my crowning acheivement. Now, I can barely stand to read it. Authors are tricky people...

Other than the interruption of Mana Kirishima and the story of Girlfriend of Steel, the story follows the plot of the tv series nearly to the letter. Secrets of Toshiki and Maya's past come to the surface when Maya's college crush visits Tokyo 3 with her husband and Toshiki's relationship with Rei becomes something else entirely over Christmas, though her age prevents him from doing anything... distasteful.

SEELE threatens Rei and coerces Toshiki into working for them. He shoots Kaji shortly after New Year's. The Sixteenth Angel arrives on Valentine's Day and Rei sacrifices Unit 00 and herself to defeat it. When Ritsuko shows Shinij and Misato the Rei tank after Rei III is activated, Toshiki is in tow. When Ritsuko wallows in self hatred and wants to be hated, Toshiki does something far crueler: thanks her.

During EoE, Toshiki bars Gendo's path to Rei and is shot down. No, I don't know what Gendo's last words to Ritsuko are... When Gendo merges Adam into Rei, she learns he killed Toshiki and rejects him and his plans. She turns to Shinji and Unit 01 to accomplish Human Instrumentality, but hands its fate over to Toshiki.

Toshiki wants a world where Rei can be happy and normal. Following his desire, Rei shapes a world from Instrumentality that greatly resembles the alternate reality segment from episode 26. Only this time,middle school transfer student Rei collides with high school student Toshiki. Rei becomes an art student in college and marries Toshiki sometime after Kaji's wedding to Misato.


Unlike the Ayanami Project, I can still go back and look at this one with questioning my own ability to write. It's the only fanfic on the Haisho I've put any thought into in years.


After sending Yuka and Nao on an errand, KC meets with Shinn, Athrun, and Kira to discuss the events of the previous episode. They agree with KC, Yuka more than likely "went SEED." After returning from their errand, KC takes Yuka and Nao with on a trip to Reiko's world for Comic Party. As Reiko goes to prepare for the event, KC takes the other two to the hospital to visit Ikumi. Turns out KC has been guests to the sickly anime fan for some time. The girls regale Ikumi with stories until Reiko arrives at the hospital. The Belldandy costume Yuka requested is complete. The doujin artist characters arrive while Yuka is still trying on the costume to leave their new works with Ikumi. Afterwards, the girls take their leave of Ikumi for the night. The group attends Comic Party the next day. Yuka and Nao are dragged to the cosplay section by Reiko. Yuka's Belldandy receives mixed reviews, but she enjoys herself. Nao's attempts to slink away only bring more attention to herself... KC takes Yuka and Nao back to Ikumi after the event before taking them all home. Reiko stays behind, but takes a portal back the next morning (Nexus time) with terrible news. Ikumi passed away the night before.


Depressed by Ikumi's death, KC retreats to a favorite fishing spot to collect himself. His head is removed from his rectum by the charcoal-feathered Reki and he returns to the Nexus. KC was not alone in being affected by the young girl's death, the entire Nexus is shaken up about it, but the freckled maid Miwako needs help for more reasons than one. KC leads a large group to Ikumi's wake consisting of not only his staff, but dozens of guests, including many Yuka has never met. There are some tensions among the guests, but KC is able to wrangle them back in.


It's time for the Tokyo University entrance exams and both Motoko and Su are trying their luck. After the final day of testing, they return to the Hinata House to find KC and the Nexus staff have thrown them a party. Tsuruko's presence is something of a buzz kill, considering Motoko had wagered a marriage on the test results, but the party presses on. Everyone sticks around for the reveal of the test results and accompany the testers to the campus. Su's name is among the listed, but Motoko's is not.


KC and Motoko go missing from the Tokyo U campus before Tsuruko can corner them. Realizing they probably fled through a portal, the fastest of the group rush back to Hinata House to retrieve a return device. When the more normal members of the group reach the house, Kazumi explains the situation. KC programmed the other devices to return to the Nexus three days later than his own, giving he and Motoko time to prepare for whatever decision they reach. The only clue Kazumi found was a page torn out of a Haibane's notebook. She questioned the Haibane, but upon KC's instructions, they'll only talk to Yuka. Kazumi sends Yuka to Old Home, where she meets Reki. After explaining the situation to her, Reki takes Yuka to the secluded room where KC had slept during his stay in that world. When they reach the room, they find it dominated by a giant egg. The search for clues is put off until after Rakka hatches and the proceeding mess is cleaned up. Admittedly, Yuka's angel fixation distracts her from the task at hand, but a sealed letter turns up anyway. KC has taken Motoko to a secret location to figure out what she wants to do. He's okay with whatever decision she makes, but he won't make it for her. Yuka heads back to the Nexus the next morning.


Life at the Nexus continues on without KC and Motoko. Kazumi oversees his off world tasks and Rally takes over as head of security. Everyone's a little depressed, but Yuka notices that Miwako seems to be taking it the worst. One night, she notices Miwako sneaking out of KC's room and follows her to the basement of the annex. Yuka looks through a crack in the door and notices a masked man going all fifty shades of grey on Miwako. The next morning, Yuka retraces her steps but finds no trace of the door, let alone the man and his bondage toys. The process repeats nightly until Yuka finally manages to corner Miwako about it. Miwako explains that she was sold to pay her family's debts and the master of the manor treated her as a sex toy when she was old enough for his tastes. Eventually, she managed to get "lost from her path" and wandered into a mansion outside of time. There she spent decades without aging a day, but her master followed her... in spirit. The mansion had the unique ability to make one's personal demons physical. She suspects that particular part of her situation likely followed her to the Nexus. KC had been helping her resist her phantom master's call by... frankly, screwing her until her knees gave up whenever the call was too strong to handle herself. With him gone, well, she lost her strength rather thoroughly. Yuka promises to do whatever she can to help Miwako get through his absense, stopping short of lesbian acts... They settle on cuddling in KC's bed.

A few days after reaching that conclusion, Miwako wakes up from spooning Yuka and goes about her morning chores. She notices the smell of barbecue and follows it to its source. There she finds KC and Motoko cooking on the lawn. She quickly wakes the others and a tearful reunion is had, briefly interrupted by Cecilia and... the boy whose name I forget from Rune Factory pretending to be their love children. Turns out KC and Motoko had been hiding out in the town from the original Rune Factory for a year and half, local time. KC had broken his usual non-intervention stance to save Ceci from one of the dungeons. After a barbecue lunch, KC summons Tsuruko to the Nexus. Tsuruko asks if they'll honor their agreement, but Motoko challenges her sister to a duel instead. KC and Motoko had reached the conclusion that the retired Tsuruko still pulls weight in the family because she has continued to hold back in her past battles against Motoko. Wielding the cursed Hinata Blade, Motoko can only hold her sister back. When Tsuruko knocks the Hinata Blade from her grasp, KC tosses Motoko Shisui. While in hiding, KC had reforged Shisui with Rune Factory's main character, Ragna, and the smith whose name escapes me. With her reforged blade, Motoko turns the tables on her sister and trounces Tsuruko. Motoko insists that her sister actually retire this time, but does not break her engagement.


Resuming command over the Nexus and his staff, KC decides to follow up on a theory Shiki put into his mind after the operation to rescue Evangeline. Bringing along some of the girls previously left behind on the ruined Mahora, KC takes a small group to MahoraFest on a less destroyed version of Negima's world. KC has Chachamaru test her new upgrade in a duel with Chao: Boson Jumping. Chachamaru's new ability to teleport not only through space, but through time allows her to hold her own against Chao. The rest of the group enter the combat against the Martian robots. Shiki uses his eyes to cut the arm off one of the armored Majin.

Then things go straight to hell. The creature that corrupted the other World Tree strikes in this one. KC and company organize a hasty retreat to Library Island, but the Stalks still claim a number of festival goers as Spores. Once as many people as possible are crossing the bridges to the island, KC orders a retreat to the Nexus for his group. Nao pulls Yuka behind her through a portal before a building can collapse on them, but only Nao comes out the other side.

While KC and company believe Yuka has been killed by the debris, she has instead been whisked away by the Nexus's creator, a woman who insists on being called Little Washu. Washu confesses to leaving the Negima manga in Yuka's room, but reveals that KC was keeping secrets that regarded not the Nexus, but Yuka herself. Washu tells her that she possesses abilities that are not native to her world. Somehow, Yuka has unique skills that belong to many varied worlds. She offers Yuka a portal system of her own and asks if she's willing to see how far she can take her talents. Yuka accepts.

Sasaki and Shito-sensei receive a visitor on Graduation Day, Yuka Otowa, though her appearance clashes with their memories of moments earlier. Her clothes are different and her hair has grown at least three inches and started to curl. Alone on the rooftop, Yuka tells them about the Nexus and her travels to parallel worlds. They naturally don't believe her, but her story gains credence when she sprouts wings and opens a portal. She says that if she sees them again, she'll give them the proper thanks they deserve and leaves her homeworld behind.


Yes, I did plan a second season. Even had a sig made with the new assistant as means of promotion. Obviously, I never got that far. Still, it would have wrapped up the loose ends from season one, so here we go...


Student body president Nanase Takato scolds some of her underclassmen for hanging out at night to pick up chicks. When she runs out of things to says, she walks off, but doesn't notice the trio following behind her. In a darker region of the park, they corner her and attempt to rape her. She's saved by a man in glasses who refuses to give her his name. Eventually, he says he's called "the Doctor." When she replies "Doctor who?" he says, "Exactly," before confessing the Doctor thing was a joke and he's actually called KC. KC apologizes for saving her, claiming it was supposed to be a classmate that she was going to fall in love with. He escorts her home before she can get him to elaborate. Nanase devotes her energy to trying to track down the mysterious KC, with no real luck, other than understanding the Doctor joke. She meets with some success after finding a teen runaway named Mika who plays guitar in the park at nights. Mika says that KC's appearances are sporadic, but he'd been visiting weekly as of late. Nanase decides to check in with Mika on the date he's most likely to appear and manages to find him that way. KC has brought Nekki Basara along to check out Mika's progress. Nanase presses KC for answers until he offers her a job instead. Nanase arrives at the Nexus as KC's new assistant and meets the rest of the staff. Motoko and Reiko take it upon themselves to reveal to Nanase the Nexus's secret and the story of KC's last assistant. Nanase decides to stay and try to save KC as he saved her.

On a trip off world, Nanase is separated from KC and rescued by a woman named Rumi who reveals several powers to Nanase on their trip back to KC. Rumi possesses an Angel named Azure Redemption and shoots herself in the head to summon a creature she called her Persona, Magdalene. Once they reach KC, Rumi vanishes. As she relates her experiences to KC, something clicks in his mind. He asks if there was anything about Rumi's clothing. Nanase mentions that she had on pink bracelets and confirms KC's hunch. Rumi was none other than Yuka Otowa.


KC drags Nanase along as he travels from world to world tracking down abilities Rumi/Yuka displayed to the world they came from. Mitsuru confirms that Yuka was a member of SEES for a few months, but vanished a week before the main character moved into the dorm. Belldandy and the other goddesses confirm that an angel's egg was stolen from a nursery.

But, darker things are also discovered. Mitsuru says that Yuka was issued an Evoker of her own that vanished with her, but Shinjiro's Evoker went missing from his personal effects after he was shot. The goddess Lind reveals that a later, violent break in at the nursery resulted in an undetermined number of eggs being lost along with the deaths of the gods and goddesses on watch. Lind fought the cloaked figure but was defeated with comparably minor injuries. She says the figure was a woman who identified herself as "an ancient fate."

With knowledge of not one, but two beings using the Nexus portals without the Nexus itself, KC goes to its creator for answers. Although it takes a little leverage to get her attention, Washu confesses to giving Yuka a device that allows independent travel. The second traveler is a mystery to her, but suggests that both she and the Nexus may not be immune to the duplicates that mark other worlds.

Convinced to wait for Yuka to return to the Nexus, KC moves ahead with other plans, the Otome chief among them. Returning Nao home, he tries to subvert the actions that lead to Erstin's death. Though he ultimately fails in that endeavor, getting Erstin to the Nexus and Konoka and Asa's healing abilities manages to save her life. It occurs to KC that a Coral Otome is less useful to him than a Meister might be, he decides to track down a set of Meister Gems. Though he knows where to find the Neptune Emeralds, he also knows they'll be needed there later, so he decides on a set their Otome won't be needing much longer... KC offers to aid Midori and Aswad's assault on Cardair in exchange for the emperor's Gems. He's surprised to learn that the cyborg Rado recognizes him from words exchanged with the late Lena Sayers during the raid on Windbloom Castle fourteen years ago. He's mostly surprised because he has never met Lena Sayers and was nowhere near the castle—or, indeed, the world—at the time and the Nexus system's safety protocols won't allow him to travel back before he last arrived. KC and Motoko cut the Lovely Onyx Gems from the emperor's finger and the Otome's ear respectively after the contract begins the process of dissolving them. Back at the Nexus, KC asks if Erstin would be willing to grant him an Otome's power to help him save two worlds. She agrees and a contract is formed between them. KC puts Erstin on a training regiment administered by Motoko, Setsuna, and a series newcomer, Yuka Takeuchi.


While Erstin trains, Yuka Otowa returns to the Nexus and coins the term Omni-Character to describe someone with the abilities of many worlds. Tearful reunions are had and Nanase feels pangs of jealousy. Yuka asks KC to follow her to the ruined Mahora where he's recruited his Negima characters. There, she obliterates the corruption from World Tree with a spell she learned from Katsumi Liqueur. The end of the corruption cascades down the line, through Stalks and Pods and eventually Thorns and Spores. Before a celebration can begin, a portal opens to reveal... Akane Suzumiya. Akane congratulates them on their victory, but goes on to label this world as the test phase. She extends a challenge to KC on behalf of her master to meet them on the battlefield they prepared: the Mahora where they once thought Yuka died.

KC begins to gather his allies and travels with Erstin to gain assistance from President Yukino and the Otome. While in her capital, he takes a break from negotiation and steps outside for a rare cigarette. There he is attacked by the dark form of the Devil Angel Jibril. Having studied Shinmei School during his year plus sabbatical with Motoko, he succeeds for a time in holding her back, but she eventually manages to land a glancing blow. An attack similar to DBZ's Destruco-Disc slashes KC's side and takes the fight out of him. Elsewhere in the world, Erstin suddenly coughs up blood and collapses with a gash along her flank. Yuka hurriedly tosses Erstin through a portal back to the Nexus before the Gems' decide they're done for and sets off to rescue KC. Upon Yuka's arrival, Jibril obeys her orders to retreat when discovered.

Though their wounds are quickly treated by Konoka, the sight of KC and Erstin laying wounded in the infirmary causes Nanase to curse her powerlessness. Realizing that her only strengths are her mind and determination, she opens a portal to a world where her willpower can make her stronger: Cephiro.


In Cephiro, Nanase is taken by Clef to see Emeraude. Nanase relates her story to the Pillar and Emeraude instructs Clef to assist the girl in obtaining evolving arms. Clef takes her to a unnamed smith who sends his apprentice, Presea, to escort her through the forest. The smith asks Clef to leave the task to the girls. Clef agrees, but awakens Nanase's magic so she can protect herself. The duo travel through the forest and eventually arrive at the well where Nanase must procure her own Escudo. Inside the well, Nanase is attacked by Rouma Oriya, the boy KC said was supposed to save her from the rapists when they met. Nanase realizes that Rouma would never fight to harm someone and rises to the challenge. Safely outside the well, Presea turns Nanase's Escudo into an evolving sword. Nanase then uses the return device to go back to the Nexus.

Evangeline awakens and KC asks her where she learned the Spores' weakness when no other Eva knew of them. She is dumbfounded, but replies that she learned it from KC himself. Forced to acknowledge that a duplicate of himself exists, KC shares the Nexus's secret with his staff and allies. KC takes his group to visit a sakura tree that blooms in winter to inspire them to do their best in the coming battle. KC leads his group to World Tree Plaza on the specified world and their opponents make their arrival. Alongside Akane and Jibril are Erstin's classmate Irina Woods, a woman named Shinobu Misono who has been taught the Shinmei style, Kouma Kishima, the man who killed Shiki's father, and an Asuna Kagurazaka driven berserk. The last to arrive are the leader of the group, a duplicate of KC heretofore called the Other, and a second Omni-Character, the successor of the ancient fate of Noir, Kirika Yumura, in possession of her own angel, Obsidian Judgment, and Persona, Persephone. To make up for his group's smaller numbers, he summons Spores and creatures from other worlds used in their creation to assault the safe haven of Library Island, drawing away most of KC's allies.

Kouma fights Shiki and Ciel, but he can easily handle both of them. He toys with Shiki but quickly slaughters Ciel. Ciel's regenerative powers make that more annoying that fatal and rejoins the still one-sided fight. When the sun hits the horizon, the battle is joined by Satsuki. Aided by the vampire, Shiki and Ciel finally succeed in slaying Kouma.

Motoko takes offense that Shinobu wields her beloved Shinmei style with such aggression and bloodlust. The two battle and Motoko constistenly has the upper hand while wielding only the weaker of her two swords, the Hinata Blade. When Motoko mistakenly thinks the fight has gone out of Shinobu, the beaten girl grabs hold of the Hinata Blade and is possessed by the demon within. Possessed by the demon, Shinobu fights wildly and for a time holds Motoko on the defensive. Experienced with sealing that demon, Motoko is eventually able to save Shinobu from its grasp and the girl gives up the fight.

Kazumi, Konoka, and Setsuna try to talk sense into their addled classmate, but Asuna does not respond to their pleas and attacks them with a sword that would make Cloud feel insecure. Kazumi uses the Kankaho to try to make up the difference in power between her and Asuna, but it is too great. She asks Setsuna to hold her off while she sets up a new strategy. Strengthened by her contract with Konoka, Setsuna is barely able to comply. At Kazumi's command, Konoka casts a high level fire spell that Kazumi absorbs with Magia Erebea. Empowered by the massive energy Konoka put into the spell, Kazumi is able to overwhelm Asuna and render her unconscious. When Asuna comes to, she is again the friend they once had.

Kirika and Yuka have a particularly flashy battle that levels blocks as powerful spells and techniques rage back and forth. All the while, Kirika has the edge. When Yuka uses Makarakarn, Kirika uses Megido. When Yuka casts a spell, Kirika casts it quicker. When Yuka summons Light Hawk Wings, Kirika summons more of them. Yuka only wins because she reminds Kirika of the things and people she lost because of the Other.

With her new magic and Escudo arms, Nanase battles Jibril. Although Jibril can fly and Nanase is stuck on the ground, her quick thinking originally lets her hold her own. But Jibril is a far more experienced fighter and shortly overpowers the girl. Forced to face her own limitations, Nanase's determination refuses to yield and her will to protect the people she cares about bring on an evolution in her equipment that isn't entirely necessary. Nanase's self inspiration remind Jibril that she accepted her own power to protect those she loves, the same people the Other led her to murder. Jibril reverts to her light form loses the will to fight.

Akane is surprised to find Reiko standing among KC's heroes, but the seamstress simply smiles. She explains that she became disgusted at herself after Yuka's apparent death and resolved to find a way to become stronger. She then pulls out what looks like a DS and proceeds to summon forth Pyro Jack and Jack Frost. Reiko then asks Akane to yield before she gets hurt. The redhead's response is to summon a MegaTen monster of her own. In the ensuing battle, both Reiko and Akane are forced to summon new monsters, but Reiko's manage to defeat her opponent's, though she loses track of Akane herself in the melee.

As Erstin and Irina battle in the sky, their masters battle on the ground. The two KCs are not surprisingly an even match. At one point, KC manages to knock the Other off his feet, but Akane throws herself between them before he can capitalize. Weak to Akane's pleas, KC lets down his guard and the Other pulls a Shishio and attacks his opponent through his lover. Slowed by his injury, KC uses his anger over Akane's death to keep himself in the fight. Simultaneously, both sets of masters and Otome decide to end it in the next blow. The Otome clash together in an explosion of power as the masters' swords bite into their opponents' flesh. KC and Erstin are the two who triumph. Erstin holds her friend as the contract begins to dissolve Irina. KC asks the Other a question before he can die. He asks if he was the one Evangeline and Rado remembered. The Other admits to giving the information to Eva, but denies having met Lena Sayers. A direct interventionist like the Other would never have allowed Lena to die, he reasoned and KC admitted he was right.

With the battles settled, Kirika and Yuka team up to cleanse the World Tree. KC visits Akane during a swim meet to remind himself that somewhere out there, those that died in his battle(s) with the Other are still alive. Akane corners him after the meet and asks why he is bothering her. His answer confuses her, but the sight of water form Akira lifting out of the pool to challenge her to a race leaves her completel speechless. With a smile, KC offers to show her what the Nexus can do.


Well, this isn't technically a spoiler since I never did nail down much of anything for this season. Chief among the ideas I had and the only thing solid I came up with was to have Yuka and Kirika train a group of Omni-Characters in case a situation like the Other arose in the future. The trainees included School Rumble's Eri Sawachika, Rosario + Vampire's Mizore Shirayuki, Angela Victoire Blendin from a game I'm not really allowed to name, My HiME's Chie Harada, Ayaka Yukihiro from a third Negima, and Cecilia all grown up from Rune Factory 2. I've toyed with adding Kim Yumi from Freezing, but never settled on the idea.

As for things to do, My Otome still has some fight left and I've considered having the Other's Akane be an Eishi so I'd have BETA world to deal with, but never set anything in stone. Thought about scattering the cast and making KC pull a Reservoir Chronicle to get them back and with that much Negima, the Magical World seemed like an obvious choice. I know I wanted to include P4 and get the new girls Personas in the TV. Only settled on Ayaka's being Jocasta.


Yes, KC was a self-insert character in a fanfiction. As a rule, I don't care for those, but KC was never the focus of Delusions, honestly, so I don't lump him in with the worst offenders. The character of KC does differ greatly from the real person in a great many respects; some I'd wish for, some I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

The character KC graduated from high school just like I did and went on to the same college. That's where the differences begin. We both discovered fansubs, but KC became outgoing while I became basically a shut in. As such, he graduated with a girlfriend and I dropped out single.

At his girlfriend's insistence he submitted a book for publishing and was accepted. With a new career, he moved to California at his girlfriend's request and things were good; they married and she became pregnant. One of those wildfires that sometimes happen forced them from their home and his wife agreed that moving back to Kansas to be nearer their families was probably a good idea given her condition. They decided to make the trip by car with their belongings coming along behind in a hired truck.

KC suggested driving in shifts to get it over with quicker and she agreed. As they were crossing the Rockies, they switched and KC took a nap in the passenger seat. He woke up to the screeching of wheels and violent spinning. Either an ice patch or a stray animal had caused their car to wreck and the resulting trauma caused his wife to bleed out in his arms. The movers came along behind and radioed for help, but there was nothing to be done.

It was in this state that Washu found KC. How isn't important. She simply thought that giving him control over the Nexus would be beneficial to the both of them. This was going to come up in the latter episodes of Season Two, when I got that far. The principle difference between KC and the Other is what they chose to do with the Nexus.
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