[Anime]Youtube anime review show. (nichijou)

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[Anime]Youtube anime review show. (nichijou)

Postby DemonLamma » Tue Apr 05, 2011 9:45 am

Well I have no idea if you guys will remember me but I have very fond memories of the haisho(and the techtv anime boards) from when I was beginning to delve into anime fandom and learning about all this crazy stuff. Anyway I haven't posted on this forum in, well, years actually. I'll put this right out there, even though I am obviously fishing for page-views I actually would like input from one of the only online anime communities I've felt I was once a part of.

On to the point! I have recently started working on making a anime review show on youtube with a friend and we've managed to upload our first video. We talked about Nichijou episode 1 and spent quite a good amount of time writing our parts and editing the video/audio to be somewhat professional. And we would like some input as to how we are doing as we are pretty biased towards it and think it's amazing.


[edit] My personal criticisms: We need to be less by the book and add jokes and funny comments, my friend sounded kind of bored during parts of it, and I need to not let go of my record button early and cut half of my word off. Other than that i feel we did extremely well for our first review video.
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Re: [Anime]Youtube anime review show. (nichijou)

Postby chibianimefan » Tue Apr 05, 2011 5:26 pm

lamma, another person I never thought I'd see again... it's good to hear from you. I'll check your page out
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Thanks Kirschy


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