[anime]Darker than Black

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[anime]Darker than Black

Postby GrieverZero » Mon Mar 08, 2010 3:04 am


Title: Darker than Black
Licensing: Funimation
Genre: Sci-fi
Age Rating: N/A
Series Length: 25 episodes


Ten years ago the supernatural phenomenon known as Hell's Gate occurred in Tokyo,Japan. This phenomenon replaced the stars in the sky with fake stars that now illuminate the sky. Not only devastating the land, the Hell's Gate event caused a second phenomenon... the creation of beings known as Contractors. Contractors are beings possessing supernatural abilities ranging from gravity control to teleportation. In exchange for the use of their powers they must fulfill their contract which can be anything from eating flowers to smoking cigarettes. Another side effect of Contractors is the fact that their emotionless and are only compelled by logic and self-preservation. They're talents are used by governments and various organizations around the world as spies and assassins.

Each Contractor has a star in the sky that identifies them. Japan's Public Security uses this to monitor and capture rogue contractors while erasing the memory of any civilian that may have come across them. Currently Public Security is searching for BK-201, a unknown contractor suspected in the murder of several individuals.

Hei aka The Black Reaper aka BK-201 is one of the top assassins for the Syndicate. He's also a contractor capable of manipulating electricity through objects. Hei and his team handle any task given to them by the Syndicate which won't hesitate to kill them if they disobey. While fulfilling his duty as a killer for this organization Hei also searches for his younger sister Bai, who disappeared 5 years before the current story.

During the day Hei is Li Sheng Shun a foreign exchange student from China that has a habit of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. A kind hearted individual that that performs actions that goes against his own well being which makes you ask the question...what kind of Contractor is he?

Darker than Black has a rather compelling story. It also makes you think that if such beings did exist this would probably be how governments would use them. The ending is nothing out of left field but the journey there is a rather exciting ride. Another interesting aspect of the series were the Contractors themselves and the price they had to pay for their powers. The series did actually manage to come up with some cool powers for some of these individuals as well as interesting prices for them to pay. I also have to say that I enjoyed the interaction and back story of Hei's team. It really felt that they had worked together for awhile and that they were actually comrades even though they can argue like a married couple. The series also has some interesting side characters that contributed to keeping the series interesting.


The animation is by Bones and is very pleasing to watch. Fluid action sequences and well done character designs help you immerse you into the world of Darker than Black. There was probably 1 episode in which the animation quality took a slight dive but it was nothing that would really distract you.


Have to be honest the first OP song is catchy as hello. Caught myself singing the engrish parts every time. Overall the 2nd OP and the 2 ED songs were okay.

Japanese Dub

Not that I can understand what they're saying but the tone did match the characters, and made me feel that those characters would sound like that.

English Dub

English dub is rather nice, no complaints here.

Final Word

After finally giving this series a chance I actually really liked it. Personally I think that the characters and their interactions are the real high point making it an enjoyable series to watch. As a shonen fan its quite nice to see a main character that is no nonsense and doesn't hesitate to kill his enemies. The fights are well done and there really aren't any BS wins. I would definitely recommend this series and like I said earlier its on Hulu now so there's really no excuse. If you like good characters and supernatural brawls that aren't to extravagant then this might be for you.

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