[Anime] Tenchi Muyo Ryo-oki OVA's{A Summary}

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[Anime] Tenchi Muyo Ryo-oki OVA's{A Summary}

Postby Ensign Janitor Tzap » Sat Jan 27, 2007 5:48 pm

Tenchi Muyo Ryo-oki OVA's{A Summary}

Basically If you haven't seen the first Tenchi Muyo! OVA's or the GXP Series.
Or even read some of the Manga's.
Then getting just the Ryo-oki OVA Series won't make much sense too you.

In the Ryo-oki OVA episode "Visitor from a Far".
The first part of this episode is dedicated to flash backs from the past episodes of the first Tenchi Muyo! OVA's.  
Trying to bring the viewer up to speed as to how things had come to this point.

Many of the things in the Ryo-oki OVA's contradict things that were established in the first Tenchi Muyo! OVA's.

The character "Ryo-oki" in the first Tenchi Muyo! OVA's is a; Cabbit{Cat-Rabbit}, Crystal, Star Ship, all in one.
Also in the episode from Tenchi Muyo! "Night before the Carnival"
There are numerous Ryo-oki Cabbit, Crystal's living in the pond.
In the Ryo-oki OVA's, "Ryo-oki" is a Computer Terminal Unit that is part of a Star Ship.
In the GXP Series this is how the Jurian Star Ships are setup.

Also there is the business with Lady Seto stating in the episode;"Here Comes Misao On The Chobimaru".
That she told Sasami and Ayeka's Mother, Father and Aunt where they were.
When in the last episode of Tenchi Muyo!, "Here Comes Jurai".
Lady Funaho states that she came to the earth, because of Mihoshi's report to the Galaxy Police that she recieved.

The business between Washu and Kagato, is really unclear.
Kagato states he created Ryo-oki and Ryoko in the Tenchi Muyo! fifth episode: "Kagato Attacks!".
He also stated that he used Ryoko's current form only because it was convenient.
Thou, in the Tenth Tenchi Muyo! episode "I Love Tenchi!". Washu states that she was the one who created Ryoko and Ryo-oki.
In the Ryo-oki OVA episode "Final Confrontation", Washu states that Kagato really, really hated women.  
But if that is true, then why is Ryoko and Ryo-oki both females?
Someone is lying, but who?

The sparing between the girls is toned down, and the comedy is forced at times.
We have little or no back ground about some of the main characters as well.
Example: Tenchi's father; Nobuyuki
              Rea; {Nobuyuki's Co-worker, love interest, and friend of the family.}
              Tenchi's Sister; Tennyo

In the episode "Operation Lovey Dovey".
Washu goes into a long explanation about "Sinju Saki".
Which has no bearing on the story, except everyone is getting smashed on it.

Also there is the unspoken business with Mihoshi.
What happen to her too make her younger brother Misao,
and her Grandfather Minami the Marshal so protective of her?    
{All we get is a picture of her in a battered state.}

If your a dyed in the wool fan, then you may like the....

Ryo-oki OVA Volume #1
Character Profiles
These are only of, Tenchi, Ryoko, Ryo-oki, Washu, Sasami, Ayeka and Mihoshi.

Ryo-oki OVA Volume #2
The Real Tenchi Tour (1 & 2)
Which goes into the actual places that inspired the Masaki Shrine, Ryoko's Cave, and other buildings.
It also talks about how the characters got they're names.    

The extra's included with the last Ryo-oki OVA Volume #3
"Tenchi Muyo! Entertainment / Secret Pot"
It's more of a commercial too get you to purchase the GXP Series.
But It also tries, and fails to explain many of the things in the Ryo-oki OVA's, GXP, and Tenchi Muyo! Series's
{It also doesn't help when the maps, and diagrams weren't translated.}
30 Minute Radio Drama
"Self-Operating Video Picture-Card Stories"
A 30 Minute collection of short manga style stories of Tenchi and the others .

As I've stated before, this series was a rushed job.
Kenichi Yatagai was trying to make a linking series to go between the old Tenchi Muyo! Series and the new GXP Series.
Since members of the Masaki Family, Kuramitsu Family, and Jurian Family, play a major part in GXP.
He had to add them into the Ryo-oki OVA's for the crossover link.
But there are too many contradictions between the old series and the GXP Series to really make it work.
It would of been better if he kept GXP as a different universe, like "Tenchi In Tokyo" or "Tenchi Universe".
Then trying to link the two Series's with the Ryo-oki OVA's.      

But then again....
This Series was left open ended as well.
And who knows....
Maybe Kenichi Yatagai will consider adding 6 more episodes too bring about some sort of end to this series.
That, and resolve the contradictions between the old "Tenchi Muyo!" Series and the "GXP" Series.

                           Voice Actors
Character:         English:                              Japanese:

Airi                    Kari Walhgreen                   Sakaiko Tamagawa
Ayeka                Jennifer Darling                  Yumi Takada
Azaka                Doug Stone                        Kenichi Ogata
Baguma             Dan Woren                         Yoshinori Sonobe
D3                     Michael Mcconnohie             Ryuuzaburo Ootomo
D4                     Kim Strauss
D5                     Peggy O'Neal
D6                     Brad Macdonald
D7                     Kim Strauss
D8                     Melodee Spivak
D9                     Michael Mcconnohie
D10                   Sean Cw Johnson
Fujimasa            Sean Cw Johnson               Hidenari Ugaki
Fuku                                                          Tomoko Kaneda
General                                                      Emi Shinohara
Girl{Female Kagato}  Wendee Lee
Ikeda                Kirk Thornton
Kamidake          Michael Sorich                    Wataru Takagi
Kamikura          Crispin Freeman
Katsuhito{Yosho}  Bob Pappenbrook             Takeshi Aono{Takehito Koyasu}
Kiyone              Wendee Lee                        Emi Shinohara
Man                  Sean Cw Johnson
Man A               Sean Cw Johnson                Takayuki Kondou
Man B               Michael Mcconnohie
Man C               Dan Woren
Mashisu             Lara Cody                          Keiko Onodera
Messenger         Peggy O'Neal
Mihoshi              Rebecca Forstadt{Becky Olkowski}   Yuuko Mizutani
Mikami              Melodee Spivak                   Ikuko Sugito
Mintoto              Kari Walgren                       Yuuko Mizutani
Minaho              Kari Wahlgren                      Yuuko Nagashima
Minami              Michael Mcconnohie              Fumio Matsuoka
Misaki                                                         Yoshiko Sakaibara
Misao                Tony Oliver                         Hikaru Midorikawa
Mother                                                        Emi Shinohara
Nakita               Kari Walhgreen                    Junichi Suwabe
Nobuyuki           Bob Pappenbrook                Takeshi Aono
Noike                Kari Walhgreen                   Naomi Shindou
Rea                  Mona Marshall                     Rio Natsuki
Ryoko               Mona Marshall                    Ai Orikasa
Ryo-oki             Debi Derryberry                 Etsuko Kozakura
Sasami             Sherry Lynn                       Chisa Yokoyama
Lady Seto         Melora Harte                       Yukari Nozawa
Soruna             Kim Strauss
Solnaru                                                     Katsuyuki Konishi
Tenchi              Matt Miller                          Masami Kikuchi
Tennyo             Peggy O'Neil                      Emi Shinohara
Lady Tokimi      Mari Devon                        Yumi Touma
Tsunami           Sherry Lynn
Washu              K.T. Vogt                           Yuuko Kobayashi
Woman             Peggy O'Neil
Z                     Brad Mcdonald                    Eiji Hanawa
Z's Father         Kim Strauss
Z's Mother        Mari Devon
{This list is derived from all 3 Volumes, If I missed a character, I'm sorry, but these the only ones listed on the disks.}  

English: Stereo & 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound
Japanese: Stereo
English Subtitles

English Version:
By FUNimation Productions, LTD.
Executive Producers: Gen Fukunaga, Cindy Brennan-Fukunaga.
Producers: Daniel Cocanougher, Barry Watson.
Original Japanese Version:
Executive Producers: Toru Horikoshi, Mitsuru Oshima, Korefumi Seki, Tooru Miura.
Producers: Toshio Nakatani, Hiroyuki Ueno, Yasuo Ueda, Yutaka Oohashi, Hiroaki Inoue.
Director: Kenichi Yatagai.
Licensed by: AIC/VAP | NTV. FUNimation Productions, Ltd.

I give the overall Series of Ryo-oki OVA's  2 1/2 out of 5.
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